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X-Acto #1 Knife

The X-ACTO #1 precision knife set is the original cutting tool for any application requiring a precise, accurate cut. 
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X-Acto #16 Knife Scoring Blades

The X-ACTO #16 Scoring Blade is a delicate cutting tool designed for scoring lightweight materials. 
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X-Acto #4 Stencil Knife

The X-ACTO No. 4 Stencil Knife is a stenciler’s dream. 
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X-Acto #8 Lightweight Utility Blade

Comes in package of 5. 
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X-Acto #9 Retractable Blade

The #9 Retractable Blade from X-ACTO is an excellent detail blade for making precise cuts through a range of lightweight materials. 
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X-Acto Bent Nose Tweezer


X-Acto Craft Swivel Blades

The X-ACTO Craft Swivel Blades are light duty blades that rotate 360°! Blades come in packages of 2. 
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X-Acto Craft Swivel Knife

The X-ACTO Craft Swivel Knife is designed to achieve maximum performance from our Craft Swivel Blade – a light duty blade that rotates 360°! 
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X-Acto Cut All Knife


X-Acto Foam Board Cutter

Pruduct #X7747 
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X-Acto Gripster

The X-ACTO Gripster Soft Grip knife is the precision knife for those who are looking for the epitome in comfort. 
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X-Acto Pointed Straight Tweezers


X-Acto X2000 Precision Knife

The X-ACTO X2000 Precision Knife is the ultimate cutting tool for precision and accuracy. Does your job or project require surgical precision and laser like accuracy? The X2000 Precision knife is the blade that you are looking for. Made from the same qual 
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