Aluma-1 Metal/Plastic Polish 8oz.
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Aluma-1 Metal/Plastic Polish 8oz.

Price per Unit (piece): $16.95

Aluma-1 contains no silicones and no acids, no ammonia or grit that will scratch surfaces.  Our formula is safe and foolproof on both clear-coated and uncoated surfaces - any type of metal or hard plastic.  Aluma-1 is perfect for fiberglass boats and motorcycle windshields. Before, owners and car dealers had to replace faded, oxidized, foggy, discolored or yellowed headlight covers. Leaves surface optically clear, leaving a durable coating to protect the clean surface.  Removes tree-sap from paint surfaces without damaging paint... it leaves the spot shiny and protected... all in one step! This versatile product safely removes: oxidation, stains, road film, brake dust, oxidized paint, paint scuffs & scuffs on plastic hubcaps! 

Endorsed by tool box manufacturers, truckers, tire/wheel outlets, fleets, boaters, musicians, aviators, body shops, auto dealerships and car lots nationwide.  

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