New PANTONE ColorWeb Pro 2.0 Software
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New PANTONE ColorWeb Pro 2.0 Software

Price per Unit (piece): $110.00


Provides optimized RGB and HTML values for 1,114 PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM®® Colors for use in Web pages, computer presentations and more.
ColorWeb Pro 2.0 is an effective tool for Web authors or graphic designers who either need to match solid PANTONE Colors from printed materials in their Web designs or simply desire an expanded palette of colors from which to choose.
The colors provide the best possible representation of PANTONE Colors on a monitor display and are selectable from a scrollable palette.
Any color can be located by entering its unique identification number.
The RGB values from 0-255 and 0-100, as well as HTML values, are displayed for each color clicked on in the Windows version.
The palette of the 216 Internet-safe colors is also provided.
For a printed color reference of PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM Colors, look to the PANTONE solid in RGB guide.


Color picker contains 1,114 PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM Colors from the coated 
Library which has been optimized for the Web 
Includes the palette of 216 Internet-safe colors 
Colors conform to the sRGB specification for color monitor displays 
Provides RGB data in 0-100 percent and 0-255 (Windows only) 
Displays HTML values for each color selected (Windows only) 
Each color identified by PANTONE Number or name


Convenient cross-reference system to colors in print 
Easily add PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM Colors to Web designs from 
within applications such as Macromedia®® Dreamweaver®® and Adobe Photoshop 
Provides the best possible representation of PANTONE Colors on monitor displays 
and eliminates the need to tweak colors 
Convenient cross-reference to colors in the PANTONE solid in RGB guide

System Requirements:

Windows 95/98/2000/NT/XP, 1 MB disk space, 4 MB RAM, 256-color display

Macintosh®® Mac OS 8.6, 9 (requires IE 5.0 or Netscape 6) or Mac OS X, 256-color display and 1 MB disk space

WSX100 110.00