Titebond III® Wood Glue
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Titebond III® Wood Glue

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This is the first PVA glue to meet the ANSI standard for Type I water resistance — it is effectively waterproof, although not for marine use below the waterline. The standards for Type I certification are much more stringent than for Type II (Titebond II).
Samples are boiled rather than soaked, baked for longer and at a higher temperature, and tested for shear strength rather than delamination. Combining a strong initial tack with a long open time (10 min.) but short clamping time (30 min.), Titebond III has good gap-filling capabilities with its high solids content (52%). It sands easily without softening, resists heat and solvents, and cures to a light brown. It is FDA approved for indirect food contact, such as cutting boards or serving platters.
A low chalk temperature (47̊F/8̊C) allows Titebond III to fully cure in cool weather, making it useful for on-site assembly. Solvent free and one-part, it cleans up easily with water when liquid. An excellent all-around choice when faced with conditions that would challenge any other water-based adhesive