Silver Leaf

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Silver Foil Japanese

Genuine gold and silver foil specially manufactured for applications that require a thicker, heavier material. Sold in packages of 10 sheets with tissue between each sheet and cut on four sides. Often used by glass blowers, bead makers and others who inco 
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Silver French Leaf

Dauvet Silver is beaten extra thin and is recommended for traditional water gilding. 
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Silver Leaf Crocodile (German)

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Silver Leaf German

German Silver Leaf KAMM SILVER LEAF 
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Silver Leaf Japanese

Japanese Coloured Silver Leaf is 109x109mm and is made from pure silver leaf. 
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Silver Leaf Japanese Pastel

Japanese Pastel Silver Leaf is 109mm x 109 mm and is made from pure silver dye. Each leaf is hand dipped in dye containing clear plastics. 
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